Education by far sets a nanny apart from even those who have worked many years in the field.  A prospective employer is always more impressed with an experienced AND educated nanny. Being educated distinguishes the nanny as someone who is not just looking at this as a “job” but as a "profession". It shows the parent that this nanny is interested in learning and growing as a professional.

Yet training for “nannies” is limited considering the amount of childcare providers in the United States, and it is always surprising to see how many nannies do not have any training on their resumes. This is especially obvious to agencies that muddle through hundreds of resumes searching for those stellar candidates that their clients will want to hire. Aside from needing First aid and CPR training, here are a few workshops to consider:

*Nutrition and Fitness for Children

*Sleep Training

*Lactation and Breastfeeding

*Postnatal Depression

*Infant/Nanny Postpartum Care

*Caring for Multiples

*Infant Massage

*Career Development – Professionalism

*Toddler Biting

*Potty Training

*Special Needs

*Parent/Nanny Emergency Preparedness

*Household Management – Housekeeping & Laundry Basics

*Basic Cooking

A nanny can obtain training from Nanny schools such as Alexandria School for Nannies and English Nanny & Governess School (both in Ohio) or at American Nanny & Parenting Institute in New York.  In Los Angeles, there is The Nanny Institute where one can attend all day training seminars on a regular basis.

Another good resource is to attend conferences like Nannypalooza and The International Nanny Association. Reach out to Marta Perrone ( for career and household management training through her various books, DVDs and other training materials.

Many local schools offer Child Development courses that are affordable. Every nanny should register for this curriculum and seek other workshops offered in the community to supplement this training.  Lora Brawley of started National Training Day.  Agencies all over the country participate by providing training on this same day April 20th all over the country to local nannies for free.



Pam Forman
01/24/2013 7:53pm

Will you be having another workshop at another date?

01/24/2013 9:03pm

Yes, our next training is February 23rd - all day 8:30 to 5:00pm
We have reduced the price to make it affordable. Please register on line. Thank you for your interest.

Pam Forman
01/25/2013 6:08am

What is the new price?

01/25/2013 6:16am

$99.00 - By the way, aren't you on the web page to see where it provides all the information on

01/28/2013 3:22am

There's some fantastic, practical advice in this post. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes, Alex

Clarkson Obasi
04/11/2013 8:37pm

We are planning to set up a training center for nannies in Cameroon. This is in response to the much talked about child labor and child trafficking which are not solutions to families who cannot continue to send their children to school after primary education.

Could you let us know if we can be associated with your institute so we can carry out effective training sessions.

Your earliest response will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Clarkson Obasi
P.O. Box 582
Buea, South West Region
Phone: 00237-77622112

08/12/2013 9:42pm

Hello .I would like to know more about nanny classes. Thank you


Nice post! Worthy information you have shared here. A nanny should aware about all these things, there are special class also running to train a nanny.

ademola olubunmi
01/04/2014 1:59am

please i will appreciate if you tell us how to acquire certification in nanny cares.

ademola olubunmi
01/04/2014 2:01am

please let me know when you are setting up the training in cameroon

Graziella Giambalvo
05/21/2014 4:53am

I want to become a Nanny Educational Trainer to train Nannies. How do I go about it ? and where do I start. Thank You, Graziella. I'm located in New York City. Cell # 718-689-4771

07/03/2014 5:03pm

Love kids because I love them.


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